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Episode 8 | Designing the perfect BikePacking bike

I chat with mountain bike veteran, bike shop owner and the designer of Smokestone bikes Graham Foot about his brand new design for his perfect Bike-packing bike.

Graham has been in the mountain bike industry for over 35 years and launched his own range of Fat Bikes under the Smokestone name some years ago.

Graham is still a massive fan of Fat Bikes but is enjoying bikepacking more and more and so decided to design and build a brand new bikepacking bike that will be launched in spring 2023.

I chat with Graham about his design considerations and the choices he's making from the ground up. We chat about wheel sizes, frame widths and bottom bracket options as well as the debate about rear rack options.

If you're interested in the myriad processes that have to happen prior to shiny new mountain bikes coming off the production line then this is the podcast for you.

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