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Episode 10 | DIRT FARM | What does it take to run a Mountain Bike park?

I was invited to chat with the lovely people who run DIRT FARM mountain bike centre in South Wales near Abergavenny.

I met with Gwenda and Jo Binns who alongside Sean Bevan do an amazing job running the most welcoming mountain bike centre I've ever visited.

I chat with them about the history of the farm and the recent rebranding from Black Mountain Cycle Centre [BMCC] to Dirt Farm and just what it takes day-to-day to run one of South Wales's most popular bike parks.

This really is an amazing place for mountain bikers with an uplift service using trailers pulled by tractors to get you to the top of the multiple trials that suit everybody from beginner to advanced.

There is a tremendous loyalty from the mountain bikers who visit here with many visiting multiple times a month and travelling up to 4 hours to get here.

They also have a steady stream of visitors from abroad who want to enjoy what dirt farm has to offer.

What came across most from the podcast was the sheer passion they all had to ensure that mountain bikers visiting the park have the best possible experience from groomed trails to a warm welcome from the owners to each and every person who arrives.

Please visit their website, follow them on Instagram and most importantly get yourself down to DIRT FARM for a warm welcome and brilliant trails.

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