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Episode 11 | FAT BIKE 101 with Graham Foot

What the heck's the deal with Fat Bikes?

Why is it that as soon as people ride one they're hooked?

Ever wondered what a Fat Bike is for? Can you ride them all year on all trails?

Every wondered why you're seeing more and more Fat Bikes on the trails and why all the riders have a big grin on their faces?

Ever wondered why Fat Bike riders are more attractive and sexually appealing than riders of other mountain bikes?

Ever wondered which MTB celebrities are also HUGE fans of Fat Bike?

Well then, this is is the podcast for you!

I chat with Graham Foot, one of the pioneers of fat biking in the UK and the owner of Smokestone Fat Bikes about all things fat bike related.

If you're not a fan of Fat Bikes yet just have a little listen and maybe we'll convince you to give one a try.

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